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Bucket List Program

There are so many older, senior, and special needs dogs in our shelters today. At Hounds Town USA, the interactive daycare, boarding, and grooming facility associated with Hounds Town Charities, we specialize in enabling special needs and senior dogs to enjoy being a dog. We do not breed discriminate, and we are proud to say we have helped blind dogs, deaf dogs, and physically handicapped dogs thrive in our environment!

As an extension of this, Hounds Town Charities developed a Bucket List Program for senior and disabled dogs in our local shelters—dogs like Joe and Wilbur, who spent a combined 8 years in a shelter. To provide them with an improved quality of life, Hounds Town Charities fostered these two pups so the last years of their lives would be filled with love and personalized attention.


After 7 YEARS in a local no-kill shelter, Hounds Town Charities stepped up to rescue this senior Akita mix. With kennel, leash, and dog aggression issues as well his age, Joe had a long list of things stacked against him. It wasn’t until after he arrived at our facility that we realized Joe is nearly completely deaf, a fact that undoubtedly contributed to his misunderstood behavior issues. Today Joe lives with Jackie, a Hounds Town Charities volunteer, because she just couldn’t bear life without this guy.


Wilbur is a 10-year-old boxer who has terminal cancer. He was abandoned at a local municipal shelter by his owners, and was in need of specialized care. When Hounds Town Charities President Mike Gould saw Wilbur one day while he was at the shelter dropping his son off for work, he knew the charity could provide him with a quiet environment for his last days. While he was with us, we filmed Wilbur’s bucket list: the top ten things he wants to do while he’s still with us. Wilbur has a wonderful surprise for all of us at the end of the video, so check him out!

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